Wild Diamonds (Дикие Алмазы)

Если вы думаете, что алмазы лучшие друзья людей, вы точно полюбите игровой автомат Wild Diamonds (Дикие Алмазы) . Мало того что эти маленькие блестящие мошенники приносят мгновенные победы до 200 000 – они также могут взбеситься в любое время и создать множество выигрышных таблиц, объединившись с разными ретро символами включая вишни, лимоны, апельсины, сливы, дыни и виноград. Хотя все эти ретро символы могут предложить награду самостоятельно, дикие алмазы предлагают несколько выигрышных комбинаций за один раз.

В отличие от настоящих алмазов с дорогой стоимостью, в этой слот игре вы можете делать ставку на каждую линию всего от 1 монеты за вращение. Вы даже можете заняться добычей алмаза с любого мобильного устройства, также с iPhone или Windows Phone.

Вы можете сжать 10 000 монет из апельсинов, лимонов, вишен и слив, когда они формируют линию победы, в то время как дыни и виноград предлагают еще более сочные призы равные 20 000 монет. Также есть бруски и колокола, которые предлагают призы в сумме 25 000 монет, а двойные бруски- 50 000 монет. Стоит помнить про Wild символы, которые могут помочь выиграть все эти призы путём перестановки ретро символов ,которые образуют выигрышные линии при первой же возможности.

Bonus Features

Sometimes a lot of the online slot games will offer complex bonus features and bonus rounds, these are great and fun but can sometimes be a bit of a headache if you are a player that just likes to get on with the game and just play continuous spins with no interruptions from bonus rounds, and at Amatic Casinos you will find just the video slots to suit you. Many players just like the buzz from fast game play ,and Wild Diamond offers this to its online players. Although there is no bonus round in this game you are still able to achieve yourself the same fantastic wins that you would get if this slot game did have a bonus round. You have the Wild Diamond symbol and this is the symbol that brings you all the excitement in the game find yourself spinning in a few of these wild diamonds across the reels and you could be in for some fantastic wins ,especially as these wild symbols substitute for any symbol across the reels. so it is easy to imagine over ten pay lines just what is possible to win.

So having no bonus round will not effect the quality of your gaming experience at all. and lets not forget that gamble button that you can bring into play after any win, each time the reel stops and you have a win in place if you press the gamble button you have the chance to double your win, this will be quite an easy decision to make if your win is of a mediocre size, but would you be as willing to gamble to make double your win if the win was of a considerable size. This is a bonus feature to the game that really can get you on the edge of your seat especially if you are one of them players that really is brave enough to take a gamble.

Quality of the Wild Diamonds Slot Game

Just by seeing this game Wild Diamonds in play you can immediately see that the quality is of the highest degree in this game. You are presented with the most beautiful of colors in the symbols ,making this game a delight to watch in motion. You have the fantastic play of the game, it is quick uninterrupted and gives the player plenty of tense and exciting moments. You have the added sound effects to just make your experience of the game even more exciting. So Wild Diamonds really is an all round fun and exciting game that offers brilliant graphics and smooth game play with plenty of wins to be achieved. So you really should give this game a go when logging into your Amatic Casino account if you want an exciting quick playing game, because Wild Diamonds will certainly deliver this for you.